A Breaking Point

What does it mean when you have a rock or a necklace or a ring or a bracelet or an earring that breaks?

Earlier today while meditating, I set my favorite crystal along with my favorite rose quartz on my stomach to help me “feel” connected.  After I had finished my meditation I decided to stand up. I had totally forgotten  that the quartz and crystal were still laying on my stomach.  As I stood up, the crystal and rose quartz fell to the floor.  This is usually okay since I have carpet on my floor and I have had this happen numerous times before. This time however was different.  As I watched my two favorite rocks fall to the floor, my crystal hit the rose quartz in such a way that it broke in half.  I was so shocked I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t believe that that just happened.  I was so sad, I couldn’t believe I had been so careless.  Then to make matters worse, I took the two pieces into the bathroom to wash them off and make sure they were okay and as I set them on a ledge next to my sink, to my horror & dismay one of them fell onto my tile floor and broke off the end of that one piece of crystal.  Now I am standing in my bathroom looking at my broken crystal and wanting to cry. I could not believe it happened a second time in a matter of just a few minutes.  I took it out to the living room and tried to see if I could piece it back together.

Now usually when we have something that we love break, whether it is a favorite ring or bracelet or necklace or in my case my crystal, we want to put it back together.  Glue it back together to make it whole again. Usually if my rosary breaks or my rocks break, it means one of two things.  I was too dependent on it, or it had served its purpose.  Hematite is a stone that tends to break when it gets so filled with negative energy that it can’t hold another particle.  Selenite is the same way.  When other people ask me what it means when a stone they were carrying breaks, I usually tell them that they didn’t need it anymore.  I know this, but somehow I didn’t want to believe that I didn’t need this crystal anymore.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my rocks and crystals.  They are more than just a pretty face, so to speak.  They are alive with energy and love and they help me connect to the deepest parts of myself.  I felt so sad….but this time I did one thing differently. I didn’t get MAD at myself and start calling myself names.  Instead I got up and held it in my hands and asked it to forgive me for being so careless. For forgetting it was sitting on my body.  It responded with just as much love as before, but amplified, because it was in two pieces, not one.  Just because it broke didn’t make it broken. It is now more powerful than before in its properties, because it is in 3 pieces instead of two.  At first it was split right in half to make two equal pieces, and then when it hit the tile floor and a small piece was broken off the end, I realized that  apparently it wasn’t satisfied with being just cut in two.  It needed to be 3.  Just like us. We are Body, Mind and Spirit or God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The crystal needed to show me that it was and is still ONE, even if it is in 3 different sized pieces.  

Many times in life we feel like we are broken.  Broken in half; Broken in thirds; Broken and shattered to pieces.  But EVEN IF we are in that moment, we somehow find a way to realize that we are still WHOLE.  We are still as powerful and strong as we once were, maybe even more so because there is MORE OF US to BEHOLD.  It makes me remember a time when I felt BROKEN; how when the man I loved and adored “broke my heart” in two.  I felt like I would never be WHOLE again.  I found a way to rise above that feeling of profound sadness, and realize that despite the fact that I felt my heart was shattered, I could find a way to mend it and make it WHOLE again.  I couldn’t super glue it back together however, like I wanted to do the crystal. It wasn’t possible nor did I really want to glue it back together.  I decided that if I could love each half of my heart, as it was, then I could bridge the energies of the two sides and it would become WHOLE again.  It wouldn’t look the same as before, because it had a huge crack down the middle.  Through the love that I sent each half of my heart  I was able to form a cohesive strip of pink light (love) in the gap. This would hold the two together & form the third piece of my heart.  My heart now had 3 pieces not 2 just like my crystal. You see the last piece that broke off my crystal was in the middle where the two pieces met. Without that small piece it couldn’t be made whole again. 

So if you are in a situation where you feel like you are broken.  That you are NEVER going to be or feel WHOLE AGAIN, I would ask you to consider looking at it from a different perspective.  That you are WHOLE in each piece.  You will find a way to mend yourself back together AGAIN just as I did.  

I think the lesson to be learned here is two fold: No matter how many pieces we are or feel like we are in, each of them has your love, your essence, your WHOLE YOU in them.  Through LOVE OF SELF you will piece them back together like a puzzle and while it won’t look quite the same as before, it will be a MORE POWERFUL YOU!

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